If it’s time to replace your worn out, rusted, dented garage door, there may be a few more options on the market than you are aware of. Garage doors are important for the overall look of a house – especially if they are in the front. Choose a door that complements the look of your home’s exterior.

Sectional Doors

Most standard garage doors are sectional. They roll up horizontally, piece by piece. Sectional doors can be insulated and decorated with windows or special trim or colors. Requesting a Pflugerville garage door installation of a sectional type door is fairly easy. If the style of your garage door is okay, but it has a few dents or dings, it’s possible it just needs to be fixed rather than completely replaced.

Outside Sliding Doors

If you like the look of doors that slide along a track like a barn door, and you have the room for the track, you might consider getting outside sliding doors installed. These doors are easy to maneuver and very attractive, but they do not provide a very tight seal so should not be installed if your area is prone to flooding.

Inside Sliding Doors

A most unusual but space efficient door is a slide to the side door. It looks like an upended sectional door but requires little headroom for springs. The vertical panels skim along the inside wall of the garage. It may be perfect for tight spaces.

Metal Doors

Steel garage doors are the most popular for their durability and cost effectiveness; however, they are prone to rust the closer you are to the coast. Aluminum is another metal option, although it’s more expensive.

Wood or Glass Doors

Because a nice garage door can add to the value of your house, it might be worth it to upgrade to wood or frosted glass doors. Wood doors, although higher in maintenance, can be very decorative and really change the look of the front of your house. Glass is a great option for a house with a modern look. It’s also a nice way to go if you work in your garage during the day as it allows filtered light in. Consult with Austin’s Greater Garage Doors to see if either of these two styles might work for you.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a new garage door. You can play it safe with a matching sectional steel door or add a little pizazz to the look of your home with a different style door made from upgraded material.


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