Any renovation project is a big undertaking and one requires meticulous planning and organisation. The first step in a renovation project is to select the right company to carry out the renovation. This is not always an easy task and we outline how to get started with your renovation and how to choose the right renovation service for your project.

With house prices rising at their highest rate since 2016, and many of us feeling like we need more space after spending so much time at home, renovation may seem like the perfect answer. Or perhaps your aim is to purchase a property specifically to renovate, whatever the situation, choosing a contractor to renovate your property can be a challenging task. It is a must to select a reliable contractor who can provide a quality service so it is vital to do some proper research to ensure they are suitable for your project.

Check reviews and seek out recommendations

It is essential to hire a contractor who has good reviews, however, do be careful where you check the reviews. Ensure you check the company’s own website, Facebook page as well as triangulating the reviews with independent review sites. Experts are wary of the type of sites that tradespeople pay to be part of so the best option is to seek out personal recommendations and referrals. If you can, ask your family and friends for recommendations and if this is not possible, try and find personal references for contractors you are considering. Often reputable contractors have previous clients who are willing to offer personal testimonials for their work.

Be clear on your requirements

It is vital to know exactly what you want to do with your property. If you are purchasing a property specifically to renovate the first step is to carry out a survey on the property, which will tell you exactly what state the building is in and what needs doing to it. If you require a building survey London has many reputable companies to choose from such as

A reputable surveyor will be able to carry out a full survey, giving you a good starting point for what work needs to be carried out so that you can work out exactly how the property will be renovated. To allow the renovator to provide an accurate timeframe and price they need you to be clear from the start about exactly what the full job is.

Consider experience

It’s a good idea to choose a contractor with particular experience in the type of project you have. For example, if your job involves a loft renovation, you will want to seek out a company with specific experience in this.

Start looking early

Don’t leave it until the last minute to find a suitable contractor. Often, reliable and reputable tradespeople get booked up so allow plenty of time for your search and to get booked in with a popular contractor.

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