If you are searching for an almost tiny and comfortable seat you can add to your home, consider getting a pouf. Better yet, choose a few as they have tremendous benefits for your outdoor or indoor space.

In this article, we discuss what you need to know concerning poufs.

What is a pouf?

A pouf is a kind of small seat that comes in a variety of shapes. It does not have a back, legs and does not offer storage options.

Some of the benefits of purchasing a pouf for your home include:

a. Extra seat

Poufs are an ideal way of adding extra seats in your home without having to buy seats. They save you space and money.

b. Great footstools

Poufs come in all sizes and shapes. They make comfortable footrests and give you a good easy time at home. Besides, they are also ideal for lounging.

c. Coffee tables

Depending on the fabric and shape, poufs can serve as coffee tables in your home. Sturdy ones are ideal for serving guests, placing magazines, and other items.

Choosing the ideal pouf for your home

Since poufs are versatile, it’s no surprise that they come in different sizes, styles, ad shapes. You should choose one based on its intended function. For instance, if you want additional seating near your TV, you might go for a soft and large pouf that allows you to sink into it. Such a pouf will give you all the comfort you need even as you watch your favorite show.

If you’d love to use your pouf as a table, then firmer options are available. Those made of leather fabric are ideal. Leather will barely slide and is more likely to hold your stuff more sturdily.

Now that you get an idea of how sturdy or soft your pouf should be, you need to decide the appropriate material and color. Think about the specific room you want your pouf to sit in. Does its shade match the rest of the décor? Does it go well with the theme color? Does the pouf add to the aesthetics of the room? Does it go with the style of the room? The answers to these questions will help you make the appropriate decision.

If you intend to have the pouf as a centerpiece and more of décor, you can go for the one made of a rich fabric such as velvet or silk. If your pouf is for everyday use as a seat or coffee table, you will want to choose a comfortable fabric. One that’s easy to clean, and maintain such as faux leather should be considered.

Styling with a pouf

To use your pouf as part of the seats around your home, you may arrange several in front of the coffee table. Display them facing the couch so you can enjoy an easy time while conversing with your guests.

Another option you can take is to use the pouf in place of throw pillows. Such an arrangement allows you to place it anywhere when you need an end table, footstool, or seat. The pouf can also provide extra cushioning for anyone who wants a pillow.

No matter how to intend to use the pouf in your home, do in-depth research before placing an order. Sites such as tinekhome.com will offer you a wide selection to choose from.

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