Modernizing your building demands you install automatic doors where feasible. While they come with a bunch of conveniences, they also need more maintenance than traditional doors. In case you need revolving door repair New York, here is what you should know about upkeep for your doors.

Keep an Eye on Your Sensors

Revolving doors can use various sensors to support their function. Motion sensors are a kind of optic device. When someone walks in range, they are picked up by the technology and trigger the doors just as they get in front of them. These sensors can be tricky when they malfunction so lookout for erratic moments with your doors. Pressure sensors are designed to open doors when someone steps on or near them. You’ll notice a problem with these when you step on one and the door doesn’t open.

Check your Circuits

Something could be up with the doors themselves. While the sensors work, something could be wrong with the other the mechanics such as the apparatus that moves the doors. The receivers could be non-functional so the doors don’t even recognize a signal.

External Factors

Physical damage is also something to watch out for. People can have accidents walking to and from your building, strong storms can lift considerable debris and break the doors themselves. Check on your building routinely to note any changes due to external stimuli.

Automatic doors are convenient and provide cosmetic benefits as well. But, with any great thing comes some responsibility. Electronics can stop working or work less efficiently and impact the performance of your doors. Routine checks for the senors can catch any signal problem before it becomes noticeable. And the doors themselves need maintenance to make sure they’re responding properly. Stay ahead of the problem so your building can live up to the modern standard of comfort.

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