Creating a nice landscape improves the value of your home. However, designing and installing the landscape is never enough. You have to create a maintenance plan. And if you want to maintain your landscape like a pro, this article is for you.


It would be best if you pruned the flowers and various plants in your home. But it would be best if you did not over prune them. It would be best if you considered pruning because it stimulates growth. You should not prune more than 25 percent of the tree. Besides, remember to prune in the dormant season because they require more water just after pruning. This is because the process stimulates growth.

However, if you are not so good at pruning, do not hesitate to seek best landscaping and lawn care help. You should not engage in landscaping activities that you have zero skills. You can ask your gardener to prune them.


The trees and flowers will require some compost or fertilizer top-up. Just dress them with some organic fertilizers or compost. This will cut down the buildup of thatch on the lawns. It also improves the texture of the soil as well as increasing the mass of the roots and their surface area. The addition of compost or organic fertilizer should be done in the wet season. Never try this when there is no enough water.

Manage the weeds

Weeds are not good for the landscape plants in your home. They will feed on what your flower plants and grass should be feeding on. Thus, they should never be allowed to grow and thrive in your landscaped zone. They must be weeded early and even consistently. But if they are already established, then you can use your hands to uproot them or find a nice tool that can cut them down or uproot them. You can do this once it rains or after watering. It becomes easier for the weeds to get uprooted. Besides, you can make use of chemicals, especially when the weeds are immature.


It is encouraged to mow your grass perfectly. If you do it in the summer, leave it tall enough to cool the soil and encourage the growth of roots. Leaving the grass too short can have adverse effects to root development. The short grass will demand more water to grow, yet the rots may not develop as fast as they should. Just try to mow the grass to not more than one-third of its current heights, especially in summer. Please make sure the blades of the mower are well-sharpen not to damage the grass instead of cutting it smoothly. Ideally, you can sharpen the blades twice a month.

Bottom Line

The landscape of your home must be maintained properly. This article has revealed the various things you can do to make sure you maintain it. However, in any case, you are not skilled in the maintenance task, it would be ideal to outsource it. There are landscaping firms that can take care of your maintenance tasks. However, prune, mow and manage the weeds regularly.



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