The first thing that visitors see when they come to your house is the exterior. Whether you are looking for a change or are planning to sell your home soon, adding a new coat of paint to the siding and trim can add value and appeal. Here are a few steps to get it ready to be worked on.

Protect Landscaping and Yard Items

Before you start pressure blasting pompano beach fl the flaking paint from the walls, cover any shrubs or other vegetation that is planted next to the structure. You will also want to shield any patio furniture or other items that might be difficult to move and could get damaged. If they are movable, store them away in your garage or shed until you are done.

Choose What To Paint

Evaluate the building to decide what should be done. If your siding is an attractive color and is in good condition, you may only need to paint the trim such as the shutters. The entire structure might need a quality pressure wash to be completed. While you are deciding what you will be working on, also decide the color you wish to go with. Compare swatches of paint with the color of siding. Also, question the company you are working with to determine what type of coverage you want. You need one that will hold up in the environment you live in.

Start Painting

Sand down the areas that you will be working on until the last of the old coat is gone. If you are doing the entire house, you might consider using a low power sandblaster to help you. Lay down a layer of primer first before you move on to the paint. Do this task on a warm day with little humidity. If there is much moisture in the air, it will be difficult for your paint to dry once it is applied.

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