Getting your tenancy deposit back is almost entirely dependent on the state of the property when you check out, so follow these six tips to make sure you leave your place as clean as – if not cleaner than – when you moved in!

1 Give yourself plenty of time

A thorough deep-clean is needed to make your rental property look as though you were never there. Start at least two weeks before you move out so that you have plenty of time to do a thorough job.

2 Make a list

You can’t possibly remember every little detail that requires attention, so spend at least an hour going around the property and listing everything that needs attention; alternatively, you could save yourself the time and use the list provided by Simply Business as inspiration. Don’t forget to dry clean the curtains if they can’t be machine washed.

3 Compare the condition of your property against the check-in report

Compare the condition of your property against the initial property inspection report from when you checked in. You could even create your own video. Software from providers such as is often used by estate agents and propriety managers, as it offers lots of extra features.

4 Hire professional equipment

Running a hoover across the carpets isn’t going to cut it at the end of a tenancy, so invest in some decent equipment for a thorough deep clean. Carpet cleaners can be hired from dry cleaners and supermarkets and are perfect for restoring carpets to an ‘as new’ condition. Steaming is another brilliant way of restoring sparkle and shine to unloved bathrooms and kitchens.

5 Buy top-quality products

If you want to keep it green, lemon juice, white vinegar and soda crystals are the way forward, but be prepared to put in plenty of elbow grease! A selection of cloths, dusters and polishes will help to make light work of the myriad household cleaning tasks involved in prepping your rented property for its next tenant.

6 Call in the professionals

If you want the reassurance of a thorough cleaning job that will ensure you get your deposit back in full, hiring professional cleaners will get the job done with the minimum of fuss. At the very least, a specialist oven cleaner is worth every penny.

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