It’s true that NYC apartments are generally smaller – and more expensive. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you are living in one of the most incredible locations on our planet. As more and more people want to live here, they are facing the challenge of small living spaces. Luckily, this won’t be a problem for you. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to make a small place look bigger, but also make more space and increase the functionality of what you have. Here are all the space-saving tips for small New York City apartments you need to start planning your move to the Big Apple.

The base – colors of your apartment

One of the most efficient techniques to make space look bigger is playing with light and colors. A light color palette will open up space, and emphasize the light sources. This will make the apartment look bigger, and the space fresh and clean.

Doors and windows

Small windows and a couple of doors can enhance the small size of an apartment. If you need to use the curtains, make sure to pick ones in light colors, and also choose tall curtains. This will create a visual effect of higher walls and bigger space. Furthermore, removing some of the inside doors can create a huge change in every space. Think if you need a door in the living room or a kitchen – if not, remove them and open up the small space.

Organize and declutter

It is essential to mention how clutter and unnecessary items or furniture can eat up space in a small apartment. Declutter your home, and keep the items you have left tidy and organized. Furthermore, if you’re just moving into a new place, it’s the perfect moment to get rid of the clutter – you’ll save space but also save money, as you will be decreasing your moving costs.

Remember: Cleaning our home comes with cleaning our environment. Moving into a big city reminds us we need to take care more of the environment, and there’s a perfect way to do this when moving. Choose to have a green, eco-friendly move with and not worry about too many dangerous leftovers of the packing supplies all over your small apartment.


We know that storage is an issue in almost every apartment in a big city such as NYC. However, one of the space-saving tips for small New York City apartments is to take additional storage outside your apartment. It’s a perfect way to keep your rarely used items, seasonal clothes, winter equipment, tools, etc. Just be sure to take bins that are safe and large enough, and don’t worry about the safety of the items. Use them during the move, and later to store your belongings safely. Keeping items you don’t need every day out of your apartment is a huge game-changer, and you should absolutely go for it.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces

Another one on the list of space-saving tips for small New York City apartments is also related to storage. Pick furniture that has more than one purpose is one of the new and cool  furniture trends. For example, your bed can have additional storage underneath, as well as your coffee table or the armchair. These multifunctional pieces are huge space savers and are loved by many apartment residents.

Shelves – lift them up

When trying to make more space in a small city apartment, you should try to lift as many things as possible off the ground. Some of these are bookshelves and lamps – instead of buying a floor item, incest in wall-mounted pieces that will keep your floor free for some other necessary piece of furniture.

Extra tip: another item you can lift is your bed. Use bed lifters to maximize the space underneath and create more storage with some boxes or other containers. A perfect solution for a small bedroom!

Extra closet space

You have a closet that’s just fine, but there’s always some lack of space, and some more bags and coats to place there. Try maximizing your closet space by installing an additional bar or shelf, and adding hooks on the inside of the closet doors for hanging smaller bags, scarves, or jewelry. There are many clothes and accessories organizes you can find online, and add another dimension to your wardrobe.


Another way to save space is to digitalize all the papers, books, and documents you can. Of course, of them, you can still keep and put them safely in your storage space. But, there’s no need to keep all of them in your apartment. As a book lover, maybe it’s time to go digital and start investing in ebooks. It’s a new age reading style that also helps those living in small spaces.

Revisit your furniture

Moving into a smaller space is the time to think about your furniture. Maybe it would be a great idea to purchase smaller furniture pieces, such as the living room sofa, coffee table, etc. You can always sell the old items online and purchase new, more functional pieces.

Add mirrors

Mirrors will make any space look bigger. So, if you want an additional dimension added to your new apartment, consider hanging mirrors along with your favorite artwork.


As you can see, living in a tiny apartment doesn’t need to be a negative thing. With these space-saving tips for small New York City apartments, you can make any place look lovely and harmonious. And if you have a functional living space, it will help you enjoy life in the Big Apple much better. Welcome to NYC!

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