Your home’s aesthetics is as vital as its plan and structure. In the 21st century, most homeowners spend a lot of money to improve their home’s aesthetics. Fortunately, there are numerous and durable roof and wall cladding materials that you can use to enhance your house’s appearance.

Cladding roofs and walls are common these days because of the numerous advantages it offers. Manufacturers sell different cladding materials that can enhance your house’s outlook. However, these options also make it challenging to select the best stylish roof and wall claddings. This article highlights some opportunities that you can use to improve your wall’s aesthetics.

  1. Brick Cladding Options

Bricks come with various textures, colors, and bonding patterns that can change your curb’s appeal. Fortunately, they’re affordable and durable. You can ask your manufacturer to custom your finishes in many ways to create an authentic look and reclaimed effect.

Facing bricks is a good choice for building wall cavities, though they can also merge well with different roofs and frames. The stretcher bond brickwork pattern is a popular choice that most homeowners love. This pattern features bricks that are laid with their long face showing. It’s a cheap, quick-to-play choice that allows you to add character.

If you’re seeking a more contemporary finish, the stack brick pattern can be a great option. This style features bricks that are laid lengthwise on top of each other without overlapping. The result is that your wall will have a clean and sleek look. If you’re a little bit creative, you can opt for the basket bond brick pattern.

  1. PVCu Cladding

Modern manufacturing inventions have made it possible to select plastic cladding. PVCu cladding can be your ideal type if you want to update a tired façade. It allows you to choose many colors and finishes. What’s more, it’s also affordable and easy to maintain.

However, you need to look out for its low-quality versions. If you buy very cheap PVCs, they may crack, warp, or fade over time if used in exposed locations. The high-quality ones will last for more than three decades.

  1. Wood Cladding

This type of cladding can offer your home a fashionable and classic effect. Wood claddings come in various patterns and options. These woods are chemically preserved to prevent them from being infested by pests and maintain their color.

Maintaining wood cladding can be pretty tricky because it requires regular maintenance. To prevent it from reacting with the weather, they should be treated before and after the cladding.

Hardwoods from the tropics and Europe are expensive and more durable. But if you’re working on a tight budget, you can opt for the more eco-friendly and cheap softwoods. You can also try thermo woods which reduce heat conductivity.

Wood claddings may be more complicated to install than brick and PVC claddings. To completely seal any air gap, you need to use standard details during installation—experts advise doubling the batten to maintain cross-flow ventilation.


Claddings can beautify your home. But with the numerous cladding options in the market, selecting roof and wall claddings can be difficult. These are a few options that you can use to improve your house’s curb appeal.

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