Summer 2021 is around the corner and we have the best gardening tips for you to ensure a happy, healthy summer garden this year. You can kick back and enjoy a beautiful drink on a gloriously sunny summers day.


Now is the time to establish a great watering schedule. If you’re home a lot and are a dab hand in the garden you can opt to water your plants yourself, but if you have a vast array of plants and shrubs in your garden you make look to consider an automatic irrigation system. This way you can be sure your plants are getting the perfect amount of water at the right time of day, regardless of whether you’re home or not. There is officially no need to worry about getting home on time to water your plants if you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine.

Raised Flower Beds

Invest in a good quality raised flower bed that is designed to last a lifetime. You can purchase beds that are rot and rust proof, which is a fantastic solution to a weatherproof flower bed. Raised beds are the perfect gardening solution to more growing space, better drainage particularly in areas with clay soil, no soil compaction from walking, less weeding, and less water retention.

Watch the Weeds

The importance of weeding in your gardening routine:

  • Helping to improve soil fertility
  • Easy route penetration
  • Weeds hide crops
  • Weeds hide pests, rotting, and diseases
  • Less competition for water and nutrients if there are no weeds

Our tips for a successful day of weeding:

  • Dig out weeds by hand, including the roots, don’t leave these behind!
  • Cover weeds with thick mulch or black plastic
  • Use a weed killer
  • Hoe your weeds
  • Weed after it rains
  • Keep a garden trowel in your pocket as you garden to remove those pesky weeds at any time

Trimming and Dead Heading

It’s important to trim back and dead head any dying out twigs or flowers and remove the seed pods whilst you’re gardening. This will help keep your garden looking its best, making the flowers currently thriving, really stand out. You will really encourage a strong bloom if you dead head your annual flowers, pinch away those faded flower heads and watch the colours fold before your eyes.

Get to Know Your Garden

Find where plants grow and thrive best, study the sunshine and the best shaded spots and plant accordingly. You should know the direction your garden faces and what soil type you have before you start your gardening journey. Consider what perhaps may already be growing in the garden, this will give you an indication of whether the soil is more acid or alkaline. From here you can begin to plan your garden, map out where you’d like your plants to go whilst complementing a beautiful patio area where you can sit and enjoy the summer sun.

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