The kitchen is at the heart of the house. And, at the heart of it is the counter. Its use is central in the preparation of food as in a wide variety of family activities which can range from meals and homework to plastic art and science experiments. Indeed, almost everything can happen on and around the counter, especially when it is found on an islet that has nothing of the desert island, but all of the paradise island that attracts everyone and each. The counters will be used every day, you must choose them accordingly.

Quartz is a very interesting option as much for its durability, its simple and easy maintenance as for its great diversity of styles and its wide range of colors.

Wide variety of styles and colors

The quartz countertops are not only mineral compounds to the origin of their name. The quartz is crushed, then mixed, in a proportion of 90 to 95%, with an acrylic resin (between 5 and 10% of the mixture). This step has, among other things, the advantage of allowing the addition of dyes or metallic elements in order to give the quartz countertops a variety of colors and styles much wider than what could be possible with an all-natural stone like granite or marble. The quartz countertop can even imitate the visual of these stones to enhance the eye while allowing the benefits of quartz to be enjoyed.


Quartz is one of the hardest materials in existence. Countertops from made from them can have a lifespan, depending on their quality, of twenty-five to fifty years while retaining their luster and remaining perfectly smooth. The resin with which the quartz is mixed gives a finish free of any porosity that allows it to resist scratches. These kinds of Stone Countertops also have great resistance to heat and stains.


The method of making quartz countertops gives them a texture that prevents the proliferation of bacteria. It can also undergo an antimicrobial treatment to fight bacteria and mold, which is a major advantage when you know that food safety is a top priority in a kitchen.

The quartz counter also has its ecological side. For daily maintenance, a simple damp cloth and a mild detergent are sufficient. They are even preferable to chemicals. It is also possible to use water and vinegar.

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