Wondering what you should do to make sure that your house sells quickly when it’s on the market? Real estate experts continue to proclaim that achieving a quick sale depends upon the first impression your house makes on potential buyers. Here are three great tips to give your home irresistible curb appeal right before you sell.

1. Hydroseed the Lawn

Everyone knows that a gorgeous lawn is the gold standard of good curb appeal. A house with a great lawn shows much better than one with patchy grass, and it makes your property listing pictures better, too. Contact the experts in residential hydroseeding Southern California to renew your lawn quickly and enhance the look of your entire property in the process.

2. Clean Exterior Surfaces

You might be surprised to know that giving the exterior of your house a good wash instantly brightens it up and leaves surfaces sparkling clean. Pressure washing the walls and all hardscape surfaces, including the driveway and sidewalk, is a project that can be done in a day and the results are immediate. Be sure to manually wash your windows afterward for a finishing touch.

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

When you’re selling, you’re often working on the schedule of potential buyers. It’s very likely that some showings will occur at night, which is why some outdoor lighting can really help in creating a welcoming impression. Install solar-powered fixtures like spotlights and path lights – since they don’t need to be turned on, you can be sure that there’s always plenty of light to illuminate the way for visitors stopping by after dark.

Since you have one shot to make a first impression on homebuyers, you better be sure that you’re making a good one. Follow the tips above to give the exterior of your house and your yard an effortless update that will help it move on the market.

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