When you’re throwing a party, you don’t want to spend all day building a camping gazebo. Aparty tent offers a solution. A party tent is a camping pavilion that can be set up quickly. This can be, for example, a round pavilion with tie rods, but also an inflatable pavilion with air tubes.

Inflatable gazebo, a new trend

An emerging trend among party tents are inflatable party tents. These are camping pavilions that are equipped with inflatable air tubes instead of a steel frame. The big advantage is that this camping pavilion can be set up quickly and is very easy to use. Since the air hoses are already connected to the inflatable pavilion, only the corners need to be attached and pumped. You can set up the Air Shelter in a few minutes.

The advantage of a round pavilion

Another type of tent that has been popular in recent years is a round pavilion. This tent from americantent.com has a particular shape and is ideal for use on the campsite. The shape makes it look like a dome tent and the arched poles are reminiscent of a tunnel tent. You can use this round pavilion as a free-standing party tent for the campsite, but it is also perfect as an awning. If you put a round pavilion in front of your tunnel tent, it will fit together perfectly thanks to the organic shapes. You can also use the round party tent perfectly as a central meeting point when you are traveling with several small tents. You then build the opening of your dome tent under one of the 4 openings of the round pavilion and can enter your dome tent from the party tent. In this way, you can sit outside with your friends in a central place in the evening, even when it is raining. When it’s time to sleep, everyone can find their own tent.

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