If you are moving to a new home, one of your most important tasks is to pack all your goods and belongings – and make sure they are packed right. But while it’s easy to start panicking as you look around your home and realise that you have loads of stuff, don’t worry – if other people can do it, so can you. It’s all about being organised and efficient, after all. Think of packing as a good time for you to declutter and clean your home and rid yourself of things you no longer need. If you want to pack more efficiently for your move, here are some top tips you should always remember.

The importance of decluttering

Before you even begin putting things into boxes, you should declutter. The process of decluttering sounds a bit daunting, but it really isn’t. Go around your home and be strategic about it – do it room by room so you don’t feel too overwhelmed by the task. It is advisable to start your decluttering process about two weeks prior to your move and begin with the big items you can’t move on your own, such as furniture, sports equipment, and so on. It may be necessary to contact a company to help clear away the big items, but if you do this well in advance, it should be easy. You should also separate your belongings into several categories – first would be those you want to sell, second would be those you want to donate, and third would be those that are relegated to the rubbish bin.

Properly identify items

You should identify those items which you need to easily locate once you move, such as kitchen items, bed linen, and toiletries, as confirmed by removals Gloucester experts from Andrews Removals & Storage. It would be best to load these items last so the removals company will unload them first as soon as you get to your new place. This will make sure that your essential items are easily found and accessible when you are trying to settle in your new home.

Know what the removals company will – and will not – take

Removals companies can easily take care of furniture, kitchen items, sports equipment, and the like, but there are also some items which they may not be willing to take. These usually include batteries, cleaning solvents and chemicals, fertiliser, plants, pesticides, oxygen, propane tanks, scuba tanks, weed killers, paints, paint thinners, and varnishes, and other similar items. It’s best to confirm this with your chosen removals company before you move so you can prepare beforehand.

Focus on other rooms first

It would be best if you can start the packing process with the least-used rooms in your home, such as your storage area or garage, guest rooms, and attic and cellar. You can then work your way to areas which are most used, such as bedrooms, the kitchen, and bathrooms.

Finish one room at a time

It can be tempting to leave things in one room to be packed next time, such as jewellery, photo frames, and other small items. But it’s best if you can avoid the urge to do this as it will make it easier for you in the end. Make sure to finish one room at a time so you have a better idea of your progress and can get a rough estimate of the amount of packing you still have to do in other areas.

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