In the 1990s there was an energy saving initiative carried out by the British Government which promoted cavity wall insulation across the south east of the country, with more than 3m homes receiving building work to insulate their property against the elements and heat loss.

Cavity Wall Mis Selling

Much of the cavity wall insulation work was carried out on the properties unnecessarily (the homes didn’t need cavity wall insulation), people were encouraged to get CWI installed on their homes and it was even carried out for free in many cases.

After an investigation carried out by trading standards and other regulatory bodies it was found that people were due compensation for their unfortunate experiences with cavity wall insulation.

Problems With The Building Work

A lot of the building work carried out by the building professionals was of a low standard, with much of the work carried out not following safety or building regulations and with the use of materials which decay and break down over time.

The botched building work is expensive to correct once completed, as the whole of the internal insulation needs to be removed.

Compensation Refunds For The Victims

Victims of the mis selling or the faulty installation (or both) are due compensation, this was established after the investigation.

The amount of compensation can fall anywhere between £10,000-£25,000, this usually takes approximately 3 months to pay out for the victim, whether it is a case of mis selling or faulty building work.

The amount is determined by the cost to fix the cavity wall installation and make the necessary changes to replace it, not only that but the materials involved (it is much harder to fix a stone house CWI than one on a home made from brick.

Cavity wall claims are often carried out on a conditional no win no fee basis, usually this means the claims for CWI are no win no fee provided they are valid cases which have no extra work over and above what is normal (past what is reasonable) without further charges.

Cavity Wall Claims – How Do I Know If I’ve Been Mis Sold A Cavity Wall Insulation?

There is no way to know for sure without having a specialist surveyor check the property and check the cavity insulation, however there are certain questions which can help you to determine if you’ve been mis sold.

Were you persuaded to get cavity wall insulation when you didn’t need it?

Is the work of a bad quality?

Is there condensation inside the property?

If you do think you have a claim the best way forward is to speak with a claims management company, even if you don’t think there is a case of mis selling it’s worth checking as you could be wrong.

Most claims companies will handle the entire claim on your behalf so you only need to provide the initial information and the claim begins from that point.

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