Congratulations! You’re finally moving into your brand-new home. Whether you are moving out of your family home or simply moving and renovating, it is great to have a fresh start and a blank palette to make your new space your own. Moving to a new house can be tricky, especially if you’re still currently stuck with all your old childhood furniture and toys. The best way to go about moving is by optimising your space as much as possible. Create an area you love that suits your taste. Here are four tips to make your move breezy.

Make lists

Sometimes creating multiple lists can be overwhelming but creating an all-encompassing checklist for moving home is essential. Sort the important things first – your removal costs, storage for your items, the date of your move and contact details of the different types of suppliers you’ll need to access when you move.

Once all the hard stuff is out the way, it’s time to budget for renovation and decoration. How you decorate your first home will change how you view your home for the rest of your time in it so make it great first-time round. Don’t wing it, write down what you need and find the cheapest option available to purchase. Lists will keep you right!


A great tip that many interior designers recommend is experimenting with décor for your new place. Start off neutral to get you in the door and settled, and once you’ve done that you can begin thinking about what will work best and suit your taste. In order to experiment, try not to buy sets of furniture and pieces from one place. Instead, try ordering bespoke items if that suits your budget or pick things up as you go along. Tour vintage stores and independent interior designers for inspiration. After all, it’s now your turn to choose what colour your bedroom is.

Don’t forget the little things

As much as your colour scheme and pick of furniture matter, so do the smaller things. Individual items will certainly do a fantastic job of pulling each room together. Some smaller items can include cushions, rugs, curtains, table décor and bedding. If you’re going for a bohemian style, try choosing rattan table mats, wicker baskets and tapestry. Flowers and plants can also go a long way in making your place look idyllic and natural. Also attempt to choose multiple patterns, textures and materials to truly show your personality.

Invest in smart features

Make your home a smart one by investing in different smart features to make your home a more comfortable place to live. Choosing a smart home system such as a Google Home or an Amazon Echo can control your home in multiple different ways including security, lighting and central heating. You can also invest in smart lights and connect them to your home system, meaning you can turn on and off your lights and change their colour through an app on your phone. Things are becoming easier for a reason!

It’s never too late to start writing a list so begin some preparations and make your house a home today.

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