One of the major components of a home is the plumbing. Over time, plumbing and piping systems can falter, especially expansion joints. The concern for this occurs when leaks arise which can cause damage to a home, its contents and even the structure. There are times when leaks can go undetected for a significant amount of time. This can be one of the biggest concerns when there is a leak is that underneath flooring or walls and is hidden. Water leaks that go undetected can cause rot, mildew and damage to wood and sub structures to flooring and ceilings.

Home Plumbing Leak Areas of Concern

One of the more common area that homeowners find leaks, is when water pools under a bathroom floor. This may be caused by a leak in a faucet, shower plumbing or toilet plumbing. When this occurs, the flooring and the sub-flooring can become rotted and warped. Additionally, the flooring materials often become significantly damaged. When this occurs, the flooring as well as the sub flooring both usually need to be replaced. One of the best ways to avoid these types of repairs is to stay vigilante with potential leaks.

Traditionally, the biggest concern from water leaks in a sink is excessive water usage. Leaking faucets do not always cause damage to the flooring or the cabinetry. However, for those homeowners that need faucet repair bellevue wa should understand that water that pools around a faucet can leak onto floors and wood cabinet bases. This situation can be overlooked for months and go almost unnoticed. If the leak persists and goes unattended, it will usually cause wood rot, mold and mildew growth around the sink and its base. Once this occurs, the flooring and the cabinetry can become so damaged they need to be replaced.

Water leaks around a toilet are often the most dangerous. Many homeowners may not be aware there is a seal around toilet bases. This seal can crack or damage over time. Because of this, many of these leaks can go undetected for quite a long time. This can be a cause of significant concern for a homeowner.

Often the first sign of trouble when a toilet base seal is cracked with a water leak, is soft flooring around the toilet. Once this occurs, the flooring under the toilet has usually become so damaged it has rotted away the wood subflooring.
If subflooring becomes rotted, the only repair that will fix this is to tear up the old subflooring and replace it. This will require tearing out the toilet, ripping up the present flooring and rebuilding the sub flooring under the toilet. Once this is repaired, a new floor will need to be installed.

While bathtubs and showers can leak, often the leaks for these occur deep in the walls and flooring. Not using a proper shower curtain can cause significant problems with water pooling which can lead to subfloor rot. Additionally, shower pipes can leak which can go unnoticed. When it is discovered it usually shows up through water dripping from ceiling areas.

Any area where water leaks should be cared for quickly. Water leaks left unattended for extensive periods of time, can also cause excessive water usage as well as rot and wood damage. Through the use of a trained professional plumber, leaks can be repaired quickly which can save homeowners hundreds of dollars. The longer leaks last, the more damage they usually cause.

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