The summer months can become overwhelming hot. Let’s face it. When the sun beats down and the temperatures spike in the hundreds, it’s hard to really want to be outside. It’s tempting to crash inside with the air unit cranked down. One way to enjoy the beauty of outside and avoid heat stroke is adding a pool to your backyard. Consider these four things as you set up the pool.

Above Ground or In the Ground: That Is the Question?

The pool is a major investment, so take some time to plan out its design. You’ll want to research swimming pools pittsburgh pa to locate companies who can offer you quality and affordable construction. The first major decision is what type of pool you want. You could put in an in ground pool. This is a permanent structure that takes time. The company digs a hole, fills it with concrete, and creates a walking area around it. This requires permits, time and money. Another choice is an above ground pool. There are benefits with this as well. Since it isn’t permanent, you can take it down. It also does not require tearing up your yard. That means you won’t need to wait as long to cool off from the sweltering heat.

Maintenance Requirements

No matter the design, pools require upkeep. This can become time consuming, but you really don’t want to swim around in green water. If you don’t want to handle the muck, then look for a company that offers cleaning plans. They can handle chemical treatments and inspections while you enjoy dipping your toes in the cool water.


Are kids in the home? Are they strong swimmers? Above all else, remember that safety comes first. Find out how to protect your little ones from the water. Various products are available. Consider adding gates and alarms as an extra measure. Also, sit and talk pool safety with them. They should not see it as a fun “hiding” spot.

You don’t need to hide inside all summer. A home pool provides a chance to relax, cool off, and have

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