qwwtqwwwwww2The seating arrangement is not the only important aspect of your living room interior design. You must pay close attention to each and every element, including the television. The position of your television should not be selected randomly. You must decide on it while preparing your living room layout plan. Depending on your preferences, you can either make it the focal point of the decor or place it somewhere in the backdrop. Irrespective of where you want to place your television, you must ensure that it does not compromise the furniture arrangement and your décor. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you find the right location for your television:

01 of 06 A power source should be nearby

Before deciding on the location of the television, you must ensure that there is a power source nearby. Some televisions have short power cables that do not reach very far. Also, one power socket is not sufficient as many people connect their televisions to Blu-ray players and sound systems that require additional power sockets. While selecting the television’s location, you must always keep in mind the position of the window because too much glare can make it impossible to see the screen properly.

02 of 06 Height of the TV

The height of the TV is an important factor you have to consider while positioning it. If you position your TV a little too high or too low, it might put a strain on your neck and can cause neck pain. Experts always suggest positioning the TV at eye level. Hence, you do not have to look up or down while sitting to watch the TV. As a result, you can avoid having neck pains. The standard height at which you should keep the TV is 4 feet above the ground and the ideal distance from where you should watch the TV is three times the diagonal width of the screen.

03 of 06 Position it according to the focal point

In many living room interiors, the TV is often the focal point of the room. In that case, place the TV in the center of the seating area. However, if it is not the focal point and you have a mantel that draws all the attention, place it on the adjacent wall so that people sitting in the seating area can still watch it comfortably.

04 of 06 Keep it hidden

It is not necessary to make the TV your living room’s focal point. Actually, it is not even necessary to keep it visible in the living room decor. You can keep it hidden by concealing it in a cabin or an armoire with functional doors so that you can open or close it when required. Never forget to make holes at the back of the unit to pass the power cables through them so that they can be connected to the power socket. If you have kids at home, make sure that the cabinet doors open and close easily.

05 of 06 Incorporate your TV into your decor

Your TV should appear as a part of your living room interiors. There are various ways you can incorporate it into your décor. To begin with, you can place the TV on a bookcase where it will stay surrounded by books, photographs, and various other objects.  On the other hand, surround it with various photographs and artwork in black frames if you are installing the TV on the wall.

06 of 06 Place it on the Mantel

It is a very commonly debated topic and many professionals often suggest against it. The major concerns behind it are that the mantle is too high for placing a TV and you must not place a big black screen in front of the focal point of your room. However, trends are perpetually changing and many contemporary living room decor designs feature TVs on the mantle. However, you must always keep in mind that it is a flat-screen TV and it is mounted on the wall and not placed on the mantle.

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