How to Protect Your Scrap Metal From Theft

Scrap metal may not seem like the likely asset, but it’s reusable and versatile attributes makes it a highly desirable commodity for many. Old appliances, sheet metal, power tools, and even junk cars are examples of high-prized scrap metal; scrap metal that will be yanked from your property the minute the sun goes down. Backyard theft is a common nuisance for properties that house a variety of junk metal. In order to stop scrap metal theft, you must implement some effective methods to secure your belongings. Continue reading to learn some of these methods and how to make them work for your property. Security Cameras When you have an abundant amount of scrap metal and junk commodities on your property, it is wise to have full-time security. Installing security cameras around the perimeter of your property, along with monitors you can supervise at any time, is a great way to provide 24 hour security for your assets. Modern technology for security systems even allow access by mobile phone device, so you can watch your home from anywhere. Locked Storage
For homes that require less security, but still enough to ensure their property is not stolen in the night, locked storage is the way to go. Depending on the size of your junk metal items, or the amount you have to store, you will need different types of storage. For some, trailers are the best option, while others simply require an outdoor shed. Either way, the most important part is the lock. Choose a storage option with professional locking devices to avoid burglary. Security Guards For commercial businesses that take in junk appliances and scrap metal, it is most helpful to hire in-house security personnel. Having over-night security guard on grounds prevents theft activity and protects against trespassing, vandalism, vagrancy, and more. It may seem like a big expense, but for larger complexes, it could be more cost-effective than outdoor storage, and more accurate than cameras. In combination with all of the above methods, it is important to also implement other forms of security, including alarm systems, motion sensor lighting, sound machines, and more. This will better thwart delinquent activity and trespassing, including wildlife!

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