As you start to look at your closet, you realise that it’s almost at its full capacity. You can barely find what to wear each day because the closet is overwhelming. You even end up wearing the same sets of clothes all the times since you already buried the good ones at the bottom most part of the closet. Since you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for these clothes, you decide to pull out whatever you can find on top.

At this point, you need to start considering letting go of some of your clothes. You can’t keep them forever. It’s time to decide which clothes are no longer worthy to remain in your closet.

You won’t go back to your size ten years ago

You keep holding on to your old clothes in the hope that you can fit in them again. You gained a lot of weight in recent years and you hope that you will eventually regain your old weight. There’s nothing wrong with trying to lose weight and staying healthy. However, you can’t keep holding on to your old clothes. If you manage to get back to that size, you can always buy new clothes. For now, it’s time to say goodbye to those clothes since someone else can use them.

Clothes that are never coming back into style 

You might also hope that your old clothes will eventually come back into style. You hold on to them since fashion trends keep coming back. Although it’s true, you will never know when the right time is. Therefore, it’s best for you to simply let go of them and buy new clothes later.

Clothes that don’t look good on you

There are times when you receive compliments because of your outfit. In other instances, you receive mixed reviews. However, there are clothes that make you become the centre of mockery. You can’t keep them in your closet anymore, and it’s best to let them go.

It’s time for a revamp

Spend a weekend to take all your clothes out and decide which of them should go. You might also want to consider fitted bedrooms to rearrange your clothes easily.  It might cost a lot to install one, but it would be perfect for rearranging your bedroom.

It’s not easy to let go of things you have owned for years. You also have emotional connections to those things. However, if you already have a crowded closet, you can’t keep things the same way. You need to say goodbye to some of them. If you don’t want your clothes to go to waste, you can donate them to charity. You can also do a garage sale to make money out of them. Once you reduce the number of clothes in your bedroom, it will be a lot easier to arrange everything. You can also easily find what you want to wear any day.

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