Italy has a long tradition in furnishings design and manufacturing. Many famous pieces of furniture have been invented in Italy. For example, the baldaquin made of fabrics on a wooden structure with decorations and inlayes, even if usually it reminds of France or Asia.

Also, think about Milan. Since 1961, the city hosts one of the most important event about home and interior design: we are talking about the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. It is not simple a fairy but a global event that involves more than 300.000 people from all over the world, every year. This event proves how famous Italian furnitures are and the positive opinion enjoyed by the Italian designers in the world.

Nowadays, the Northern Italy regions such as Lombardy and Veneto, are rich in companies in this market and the professional figure of the designer has become increasingly important. From USA to Europe, many people rely on an Italian designer in order to furnish their houses and offices with unique and original Made in Italy pieces.

Let’s find out more about one of the most popular: the sofa.

From classic leather to contemporary sofas

Italians are well-known for their leather sofas tradition. It dates back to the

Nowadays there are several Italian companies and designers of contemporary sofas made with modern fabrics and materials. They are increasingly wanted by foreign customers.

The leather sofa is considered as an elegant and valuable furniture due to high quality raw materials and the long and meticulous handicraft it requires. However, those who consider the leather sofa a bit old-fashioned, suitable for a classic or a rustic style, prefer modern fabrics and materials due to practical reasons.

In fact, the leather sofa requires a lot of cares and attentions while the contemporary sofas can be easily sanitized and cleaned. Both ensure a long time duration. Modern sofas are made with technological fabrics that are designed to be highly resistant to high-temperature washings, possible accidents and tearings.

At least, don’t forget that unlike leather, modern fabrics are suitable for both summer and winter seasons.

A contemporary style: the Italian sectional sofa

There is another, important difference between modern sofas and classic ones and it regards the modularity. Modern design sofas are made up of two or more items that can be combined with each other so that, every model can change and can be converted in an original and customized piece.

Also, contemporary sofas allow you to manage better both small and large spaces so that it is possible to use the sofa itself to create a comfortable reading corner or a spacious, welcoming space in the living room, according to your needs.

Italians sofa designers call this model “sectional sofa” because it seems to be made up of several sections. In fact, this sofa consists of several components such as chaise lounges, poufs, day beds and armchairs. All these pieces are separated from each other and they can be bought and combined with each other according to your needs.

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