Homeowners looking to beautify their homes with siding Richmond VA have a wide variety of choices from vinyl siding to stone siding, fiber cement to composite. But while many homeowners make their decision to add siding to their properties because they like the many advantages this addition can bring to extending the lifespan of the home’s exterior, the biggest choice they face is which color to select.

That’s because the color you choose can play a significant role in improving the look of your home.

It’s important to understand this as part of your methodology behind selecting the proper color for the outside of your house. Sure, it’s critical that you find the best quality materials for your siding but your decision as to the color can give the home a unique appearance to make it stand out in your neighborhood.

Color Options

There are plenty out there from which to make your choice, but you also want to consider how much your siding can impact the exterior color scheme of your home’s exterior. After all, your siding will be taking up a substantial amount of wall space on the dwelling. So, you need to think about whether you want a bright and bold color or go with something more warm, natural, perhaps even on the muted side.

Your siding color will dramatically affect the whole look of the home so if there are other components of the home that stand out with a particular color choice or you have surrounding landscaping or yard features that have a certain color or shade, you should be careful not to choose a siding color that can clash with those features.

Color Selection

To expand upon that point, consider your roof. What color is it? Keeping that in mind, you should select a siding color that matches or, at the very least, complements the color of your roof. It’s the one part of the home that has the largest profile behind the exterior walls. So, you should make a choice for the siding color based on the roof.

But wait, you may have shutters or window frames that are a certain color and your siding should also match or complement that color as well. Hopefully, your roof and your windows have matching or similar colors and shades, which will make the choice of siding color easier to select.

Obviously, your choice of siding color is intended to give your home a remarkable aesthetic that provides an increase in curb appeal.

New Siding Versus Old Siding

You may end up choosing the same color for your new siding when it comes time to replace the old stuff. New siding will look brighter, less worn out and dull, and revitalize the look of your property. But when you are choosing your siding, consider how it will stand out or blend in with the other homes in the neighborhood. Then, go with the color that best fits your property and you’ll be sure to make your home look great.

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