In modern urban lifestyles, there is a major space crunch in our homes and offices. It has become increasingly difficult for us to adjust to such a closeted environment and we always yearn for some semblance of space.

Given this scenario, there seem to be really slim chances of having a making a house look more spacious. But fear not, while this feat may seem to be impossible, still there is no need to give up so quickly either. All you need to do is just make a few changes in your residence that will help you get the best that you deserve.

This article provides you with many tips and suggestions that will help you increase the sense of space in your house. Here we explain to you the tricks that can help you achieve a semblance of luxury to an otherwise plain room. You only have to incorporate the 7 storage hacks for moderately sized homes given below to get quick results.

Read on to find out how to make your room more spacious so that you can elevate your lifestyle to an entirely new level.

1.     Make Ample Use Of Your Corridor

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the corridor of your house is the gateway to your rooms. Most of the time, this corridor is just left unused and given secondary importance. Hence, you can convert this into a storage space that will reduce the pressure on your other rooms.

It is observed that we generally focus on storing our things in the bedrooms that take up a lot of space. However, this practice makes your bedrooms look cluttered and chaotic. Hence, the strategy that you need to employ this time is to shift these things to your corridor so that the bedrooms look emptier and larger at the same time. Just doing this simple thing will ensure that you make your rooms look larger than they really are.

2.     Make Use Of Large Shelves

Another thing that you can do is install a large shelf in the corridor space. You can shift all your things scattered in the different rooms of your house and put them in this large shelf. Just ensure that you embellish this shelf in such a way that it attracts the attention of the beholders. In this way, you can keep your house spic and span and make it seem novel at the same time. This will definitely leave an impressive mark in the minds of all those guests who come to pay a visit to your beloved abode. So just employ this technique to reach out to two targets with a single arrow.

3.     How Storage Baskets Can Help You

If you feel that you need some more space to keep your belongings, then you can make use of storage baskets that can help you reduce the space that gets occupied due to your things lying in different places all around the house. Baskets also look cute and give a lively ambiance to your abode and make it look homely and welcoming. They also come in various shapes and sizes and all you need to do is just select the one that you think will suit your home perfectly.  This is how storage baskets can help you in the right way. Tupperware storage baskets are a good choice.

4.     Store Your Things Under The Stairs

Most of the times, we see that the space below the stairs is never used properly. An ingenious idea would be to make the optimal use of this space and keep your necessary belongings there so as to save space in the other rooms. Just keep one thing in mind that this place is visible to all those who enter your house so you should keep something charming and agreeable there that will not harm the overall ambiance of your residence. If you feel that the look of the room is nice, then you can definitely store your things under the stairs without thinking twice. This is how you can make your house look more spacious and welcoming.

5.     Put A Headboard On Your Bed

It has been observed that putting the bed in the center of the room makes it look smaller. Hence, the trick lies in putting the bed at the corner of the room so that it takes up much lesser space. Added to that, you can even add a headboard to your bed that will make it look more compact and give the semblance of having extra space. You can even add some colors and other zing factors to your bedroom in order to shift your attention from the bed to the walls of your bedroom. Once you incorporate all these changes, it will be very easy for you to make your room look more spacious.

6.     Use Sliding Wardrobes

Most of us tend to have large wardrobes that open out in the front for storing our important belongings. However, these large wardrobes take up a lot of space and make your bedrooms look much smaller than they really are. Hence, the smart thing to do here is to use sliding wardrobes that will accommodate all your things in the least amount of space and provide you with a lively look that will soon become the envy of all those who see it for the first time. This is how sliding wardrobes can make your house look more spacious with very little effort. Godrej Interio also has such sliding wardrobes.

7.     Utilize The Study Table

The space below the study table is also never utilized as people always feel that it should be left untouched. However, have you thought about the fact that keeping all your stationery items under the study table will actually help you get all the required things easily at the right time? It is also better to keep them there as it can really save things from suddenly getting lost. Hence, you should definitely make the optimum use of the study table that will help you get all your required things at the right place.

From the above, it is clear that you can make your room look more spacious by just following the tips mentioned above.

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