If you have lived in your house for more than a decade and you’ve never done any work on the siding, it might be time to consider an upgrade. While older aluminum siding will hold up for decades if there’s no damage, it can lose its vibrant colors over time and leave your home looking dull. There’s also the issue of damage repair. If you have faded siding that gets damaged, the replacement sections often stand out because they simply aren’t as weathered as the old stuff. On top of that, new siding made from more robust materials can provide a longer lifespan before color fades, and sometimes even an additional level of insulation.

It’s easy to put off new siding when you don’t see an issue, but older siding is also more prone to long-term issues like mossy buildup, moisture traps, and other issues that get taken care of when you re-side a building. It doesn’t take visible damage to undermine old siding, either. It just makes enough settling in the building to pull the seams apart and let moisture through. You might not even notice it happening, but it’s a good reason to get a home inspection and a quote for siding St Louis county MO every year or two after your siding gets old enough to show wear.

Even if it isn’t time for residing, you might have options when it comes to keeping your home clean and vibrant-looking. Regular maintenance and care can make any home’s features last longer, and important exterior features like your roof, windows, and siding are no exception. If you plan for a long lifespan by involving local specialists who can help you get more out of all your home’s amenities, you’ll get a better return on your investment in owning a property. You’ll also enjoy an easier to maintain home that’s in better condition than the alternatives would give you. Don’t forget, aluminum siding looks its best when it gets repainted about once a decade.

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