The landscape features of many retreats and spas make even the hardest working of us, feel grounded and serene. Here are three essential elements that make a landscape design feel luxurious.  

Lighting and Masonry 

For your patios and barriers, using stone block unquestionably enhances the feel of luxury. The permanence of stone evokes stability and strength, whereas wood or engineered materials can weather. Stone brings timelessness and light brings form and color. Landscape lighting design St Louis MO installs architectural grade lighting to give life to your luxury landscape in the dimness of the night.  

Pools, Ponds and Fountains 

A well-lit stone pathway to an illuminated pool is all you need for a relaxing evening swim. Also, if you have a view from the pool site, you may have your architect plan for an infinity pool, so you feel connected to the vista itself while in the water. Including a pond with ornamental fish such as koi, can bring tranquility to the garden. You can also install a fountain in any of your water features to have the sound and ionizing quality of running water.

Foliage and Greenery 

Unless you are going for a minimalist or xeriscape style, don’t skimp on plants. Decide what style appeals to you, whether it’s Japanese, English, Mediterranean, etc and ask your landscape architect to order plants are suitable for your climate zone. If possible, bring in trees that are established and promise to grow, to give you the feel only a mature tree can offer. Be sure to have them install irrigation also to protect your plants from drought and for easy maintenance.

Lighting, masonry, water features, and flora all come together to create a haven for you and your family. When designing or redesigning a property, utilize these luxury elements to maximize your outdoor living experience.

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