Professional chefs attach great importance to their cuisines. The best tools and environment for creativity are paramount to making great meals. When it comes to countertops and kitchen areas in their own kitchens, top chefs prefer to use granite countertops as their material. Why do the best chefs choose granite for their own kitchens?

Consider the following facts about the strength of a granite countertop:

Hardness. The Pro stone countertop for measuring the hardness of minerals ranges from one to ten, soft minerals such as talc are rated one, and the hardest mineral, diamond, is rated ten. Granite is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar, which are at the top of the Pro stone countertop with a score of 6-7.

Resistance to mechanical stress. Due to the hardness of granite, it is resistant to the common damage found in most kitchens. Granite is resistant to scratches, chips, stains and hot temperatures. This makes it ideal for work areas in busy professional kitchens.

Easy to clean. Chefs want a surface that’s easy to clean in the kitchen, so durable granite is one of their best options. It is not difficult to clean granite; most spills can be easily wiped off without the use of toxic chemical cleaners. Besides, preserving the beauty and integrity of granite is not difficult. The use of a mild detergent and the use of protective impregnations for granite keep the surface beautiful and protected.

Variety of granite colors. The heavily used professional chef’s kitchen needs clean and solid granite slabs as countertops. Available in colors such as Absolute Black, Black Pearl, Tan Brown, Indian Coffee Brown, granites are among the most popular options for heavy-use kitchens due to their durability and non-staining color.

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