It’s crucial to understand the options available when adding lighting to your landscape.

Landscape lighting can be used to highlight your plants, bushes, and trees, as well as add curb appeal to your home.

These landscape lightning ideas will take your garden and other landscaping to the next level.


This lighting technique is perfect for plants, trees, or shrubs that you want to highlight. The highlight draws attention to the focal point of your garden so that all visitors can see it.

An LED fixture will be installed at the base to lighten this unique feature.


Similar to highlighting , uplighting can be placed on the ground and illuminates in an upward direction. It’s intended to illuminate a larger area, such as a whole garden.

Uplighting will allow you to highlight your favorite plants and shrubs by evenly spacing the lights. This lighting method is more powerful and is recommended for gardeners who need a lot of light.


Downlighting, on the other hand, is designed to softly lighten garden beds and other landscaping elements. You can install it on your property, or under guttering to give your landscape the subtle look that you want.


Silhouetting, which is similar to uplighting, is used to cast shadows on buildings or other backgrounds. To create the desired shadowing, you can place one or more lights in your garden.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is a great solution if you have a path in your yard or at work that needs to be lit. This method is great for lighting walkways or gardens. It doesn’t need to be overbearing, nor create unnecessary glare.

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