Many know arborists as tree doctors; people who have based their entire life around knowing everything there is to know about trees, from identifying different species to maintenance to diagnosing diseases. What you may not know is what it takes to be an arborist and just how precious the work they do is!

There are a variety of credentials and responsibilities that come with being an arborist. Caring for trees is no joke; it’s a serious matter to maintain the eco-system and protect the animals and insects that call trees their home.

It’s best to hire a professional arborist you can trust when you are dealing with something that has such an impact on the environment. Your trees take care of you – so it’s important to understand the people who look after them.

These facts about arborists will shock you, and will have you look at these tree whisperers in an entirely new light:

  1. Not Just Anyone Can Become an Arborist

To be certified by a recognized institution like the International Society of Arboriculture, an arborist needs to pass an exam and have multiple years of experience in another tree-related industry.

  1. Different Arborists Have Different Specialties

No two arborists are the same. Arborists can attain additional certifications for specific specialties in the tree care field; this can include specialties such as tree climbing and working nearby utility lines. While certain arborists strictly do risk assessment, others work with tree disease prevention— the possibilities are endless.

  1. There Are Arborist Awards

Yes, arborists and organizations get rewarded for exemplary work in the tree care field. For example, the Tree Care Industry Association presents TCIA Safety Awards where they reward accolades like “Outstanding Company Contribution Award.”

  1. Arborists Are Helping Cities Protect Trees

Arborists are finding more and more that cities are mismanaging their landscaping— especially in the treatment of trees. Now arborists are getting involved with cities to ensure that trees are treated by experienced professionals. Most recently the Ontario city of Oakville implemented some tightened bylaws to protect trees to make sure that trees are handled by certified professionals.

  1. Arborists Are Helping Retail Services!

According to, consumers are 12 percent more willing to buy products and invest in services from companies that have put time into their maintenance of their landscaping. It turns out that if you put some extra effort into the trees on your street or the garden outside your store, it will attract more customers!

  1. Arborists Are Expert Climbers

Some arborists specialize in climbing to provide maintenance to massive trees in your backyard, or to get rid of problematic branches. It is very common for arborists who climb to take part in specific tree-climbing contests where they take on trees 266 feet tall and taller!

  1. Arborists Are Dealing witha Product That Can Help Your Health

According to The Weather Network, a new study has shown that if you have 10 or more trees on your street, you receive the health benefits that are equated with a $10 raise. Those are some (would be) expensive health benefits!

Trees help us, which is just one of the many reasons why arborists are dedicated to helping them. Never underestimate the value of trees – arborists definitely don’t.

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