Caleyron : an experience in industrial cutting

Caleyron is primarily an experience of more than 80 years in the manufacture of cutting tools. The quality and precision of circular cutters and knives that come out of the workshops of this French family business are recognized for their not only on the domestic market but also abroad. Caleyron offers the industry its own know-how for the manufacture of standard cutting tools but also and especially to offer each customer the particular tool he needs. Caleyron’s teams of specialists study with each manufacturer his individual project according to the material to be cut, the size of the pieces that will be cut, and in general all the specificities to implement. The absolute guarantee of quality and requirement are the major assets of Caleyron which is able thanks to a technical competence constantly updated by the evolution of technologies to offer to its industrial partners a wide range of tools in order to be able to satisfy every need.

Caleyron for a custom tool

All Caleyron tools undergo quality control at every step of the manufacturing process. For even greater optimization, Caleyron also offers various tooling coatings such as titanium or chromium nitride coating for example, in order to improve the tool life. Each saw cutter is made of high-speed steel HSS or HSS-E according to DIN standards. To avoid sticking and improve lubrication, it can be supplied with a steam treatment. The standard range extends from a diameter of 20 mm to a diameter of 600 mm and ranges from 0.2 mm to 6 mm thick, but Caleyron is able to manufacture any special cutters such as milling cutters, conical cutters, chamfered ones and all the special features that its experts, with their many experiences, will develop according to the plans of the industrialist.

Caleyron for a tailor-made service

When the industrialist encounters a cutting problem, in any material, from the hardest steel to the most fragile fabric, through the different weights of paper, cardboard, plastic, rubber or leather, he just needs to put its problematic in the hands of Caleyron’s cutting specialists to find the most suitable and the most efficient solution. They will very quickly develop the saw-cutters or the carbide slitter knives of high technicality in perfect adequacy with the project. With the very large stock of raw materials at their disposal, they can also respond very quickly to each request, even those that do not correspond to any usual standard. Caleyron has made the quest for the quality of the tools made in its workshops the key word and this is what has been and continues to be successful around the world for so many years. Not only is its cutting tooling manufactured using the most efficient processes, especially through CNC machines for a very high precision, but the quality of the raw materials used is also one of the major concerns of its team. Caleyron uses only steels whose origin and experience of the manufacturer is under permanent control, which gives the producted tools a consistent and reliable quality over time.

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