Building up to the big moving day can be exhilarating. So much to do and so much to remember. Beyond packing the boxes and arranging for the movers, there are other things you need to do that may slip your thoughts. To help you keep everything organized and in mind for the big event, here are four things you don’t want to forget.

1. Notify

Don’t forget to notify your credit card companies, the utilities, and your insurance agent. While you are making all the notification phone calls, don’t forget delivery services, banks, and your phone company. If you are on SSA, don’t forget to let them know you have a change of address, as well as the IRS.

2. Locks

You have to wait to receive your keys from the mortgage company or your realtor when you purchase a new home, townhouse, or apartment, but once you have them make sure you arrange for an emergency locksmith Orlando. The locksmith can meet you at your new home before you have moved in and change the locks right away to ensure that anyone with the old keys can no longer access the building.

3. Greet

Don’t forget to greet your new neighbors. Identify yourself and let them know you are the welcoming sort. This can help them feel more comfortable with you – and you, with them. Once you have met your neighbors, you can also be sure they are more prone to be there if you need them.

4. Overnight

Don’t forget to pack up an overnight bag that has your phone chargers, medicines, and toiletries. Include some towels, some clothing for your children, and a few paper plates with disposable cutlery. You should also pack some tools to help set your home up, and a flashlight and some Band-Aids.

Moving can be a wonderful experience as long as you don’t forget these four important details. You can make your new house a home in no time, and without the stress many people feel.

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