The invasion of cockroaches is a real problem for tenants of a house or apartment. In addition to the fact that this is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon, cockroaches are rapidly multiplying and are the carriers of dangerous diseases.

It is sometimes impossible to get rid of insect colonies on your own. In such cases it is necessary to resort to the services of professionals. Destruction of cockroaches with disinfection gives an absolute guarantee of getting rid of uninvited guests. The exterminator New Orleans happens to be essential there.

Description of the procedure

Disinfection is a procedure for the destruction of insect vectors of infection by disinfection with professional preparations or with hot wet steam.The service of pest control from cockroaches in the state has trained experienced specialists who use effective but safe means for the person. Specialists act quickly and smoothly, they guarantee high effect and absence of side effects after the procedure.

Professional destruction of pests

In what cases is disinfection preferred?

Before you worry about finding a company for professional control of cockroaches, it is worth understanding in which cases it is advisable to resort to pest control.

So, disinfection is applied in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary to process large areas of public premises – public canteens
  • At independent unsuccessful extermination of colonies of insects
  • When several neighboring rooms are infected – apartment buildings

The colonies of cockroaches move swiftly from one apartment of an apartment building to another. For this reason it is senseless to deal with them alone, the measure will have an effect only if complex disinfection of several neighboring dwellings is carried out.


Professional disinfestation of the apartment has a number of advantages compared to the independent destruction of cockroach. Among them are the following points:

  • The use of powerful professional drugs, instantly destroying hordes of insects
  • Treatment of inaccessible habitats for household insecticides and ways of penetration of cockroaches into the dwelling
  • When applying to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, conducting sanitary supervision on behalf of the state, there is the possibility of compulsory disinfection of neighboring apartment-peddlers of contagion
  • Guarantees of complete extermination of adult colonies and laid eggs

Unlike professional means, no household insecticide is able to cope with large colonies of cockroaches.

Dead cockroaches after poisoning

Types of pest control

In their work, specialists of services for pest control use different types of drugs. All of them have the necessary certification and permits for use in residential areas.

Safe disinfection from cockroaches is carried out with the help of:

  • Powdered and granular preparations – are effective, but they are rarely used, because they were replaced by means of a new generation.
  • Aerosol means – one of the most frequently used types of insecticides, has the ability to penetrate into areas inaccessible to other means and is used in all types of premises.
  • Preparations in the form of gel – have a high degree of safety for people, are used in homes that for some reason cannot leave tenants for the period of decontamination.
  • Finely dispersed spraying – disinfestation of cockroaches by the modern method of cold fog.

It is worth noting that the cost of pest control from cockroaches by cold fog is the highest. This is due to the fact that it is used, as a rule, in production and extensive premises. In some cases, specialists of the disinfestation service combine the methods of disinfection.

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