Pests enter a home searching for food, shelter, and warmth. If they find that in your home, they’ll make themselves comfortable and invite the entire family over. Some pests carry disease, but all share the same habit of being a nuisance. It is essential to call a pest control company if you suspect or spot pests in the home. Dozens of pests can make their way into your home, but the four here are the most common.


Field mice search your home for food. Even the smallest crumb is spotted by a mouse, who will invite along all his family and begin reproducing on your property if you appease him. Mice crawl about the floors and countertops, oftentimes undetected because they’re so quiet. The signs that mice were present is known, however. You may notice black specks of feces, torn paper and food, and a horrible odor. Mice carry disease in the feces they leave behind. Do not wait to call a pest control greenville nc specialist if you suspect a mouse problem.


Several types of cockroaches invite themselves in your home. In no time they’ve quickly caused a massive infestation that you cannot control. No matter which cockroach species has found its way inside, call the professionals to resolve the problem. Cockroaches multiply rapidly and won’t stop until you call for help.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are some of the sneakiest of all pests. Not only do they attack their victim as they are sound asleep in the middle of the night, they also inject the human with a numbing agent that allows them to finish their meal before waking them. Some people are even allergic to this venom and experience allergic reactions after a bit. Bed bugs are small, brownish red pests that bite in the middle of the night. They’re hard to rid once an infestation strikes so call the pros if you notice a problem.


Termites are a threat to just about every property owner. These tiny, winged insects feed on cellulose that is found in the wood on your home. It takes only a few weeks for termite to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and two years to demolish the property. Termites aren’t the easiest pests to post. It is essential to phone the pros to perform a termite inspection every year to reduce worry and to improve the safety at your home.

Final Thoughts

Don’t share your home with unwanted pests, whether it is the four above or one of the dozens of other problematic pests that exist. Living with pests is the start of a nightmare that you do not want to endure on any level. Pest control experts have a variety of solutions that will quickly eliminate most any pest from your home. It is worth the call when you suspect pests are sharing your home.

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