Nobody likes having unwanted guests in their homes, much more if they are of the pest variety. They can do serious damage to the structure, and planted flowers and crops. They can also pose health risks not only to you and your family, but even to your pets as well.

Because of the many serious consequences that come with having pests on your property, it’s important that you recognize the tell-tale signs that they are in your midst. Here are some of these signs that indicate you should start calling pest control services Huntsville pronto.

Visible Sightings

This is the most definitive proof that there are pests around. If you see them, then you know for sure that they are there. The only thing left to determine is how many of them are there, and where are they hiding out?

It’s possible that there’s only one of them, but also they could have already easily nested somewhere in your property. The point is, you don’t want to take chances and have them wreaking havoc in your home right under your nose.

Damaged Surfaces

If you see uncharacteristic damages on your furniture, wooden floor or steps, or even rugs and mats, but it doesn’t seem like your pet has anything to do with it, consider a pest as the culprit. Usually, these would have holes and scratches, as well as stains and smudge stains.

Try to see as well if the damaged items seem to be concentrated on one particular area, in which case that could lend a clue as to their proximity.


This is another visual sign of the presence of pests. If you have other pets at home, you would want to keep them as far away from it as possible. Especially because dogs, for example, can be such curious creatures, they can easily catch another disease from these droppings if they get too close.

If you already suspect pests in your home, don’t wait until it’s too late. Look under dark corners and hidden sections so you can clean them out at once.


Scratching, squeaking, whining, and more are indicative of the presence of pests. They are not necessarily confined inside your home too, so definitely, you can hear them from outside as well. Again, try to take note of where the sound seems to be coming from, and how many at a time are there. Regardless of how many you hear, however, this would be a good time for you to call in the pros as well.

Don’t wait until they do serious damage and pose an actual health risk to you and your family. Call in the pros to resolve the matter pronto.

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