When leaks begin, your home is at risk for damages and a lot of inconveniences. A leaky faucet could mean that there is something more serious going on with your pipes. No one wants to experience this hassle so we have to prevent it from happening. One way to do it is to know the possible reasons for pipe leaks.

You don’t have to be a professional Singapore plumber to know everything about home plumbing, but knowing the basics including leaks can help you identify the proper steps to protect your home and things to do when a pipe bursts.


This may seem common and not an urgent issue in a plumbing system especially when your house is newly built. But remember that even the tiniest things are capable of leaking the pipes.

Ultimately, the clogs will build up, until wastewater can no longer get through when you do your common house chores like dishwashing or taking a shower. If they cannot handle the clogs anymore, the pipes possibly burst. So, it is important to always check the pipes and to use some products that melt or prevent the clogs. This should be addressed immediately because this can cause pressure to build up behind the blockage.

Excessive Water Pressure

It is nice to feel high water pressure when you shower, but this is not always good for your pipes. Your plumbing system can handle limited water pressure. Incorrect water pressure can cause any weak links to be put under stress until they burst. You may have a plumbing pressure test and make necessary adjustments if you noticed signs of leaks.

Rapid Temperature Changes

Rapid or extreme temperature changes can cause your pipes to expand and contract. They can crack your pipes, which can cause them to leak, especially at freezing temperatures.


This usually happens to older homes because the pipes can get rust and other forms of corrosion that eat them away. Also, it depends on the kind of pipes used for the plumbing system.

The brass pipes last up to 70 years while the galvanized steel is usually up to 20 years which also can be susceptible to rust.

If your home is already old, you may need to upgrade your pipes to avoid leaks that may cost you more time and money in the future.

Underground Movements

Earthquakes, growing tree roots, and small shifts in the foundation of your home can create big adjustments in the placements of your pipes. They can separate, twist, or bend that can cause leaks without you noticing it instantly. It is best to hire a licensed plumber to inspect your underground pipelines to avoid repairs and to save you and your family from inconveniences.

Incorrect Pipe Laying

Water requires to flow against gravity in the plumbing system and many emergencies related to this were caused by incorrect pipe laying. To prevent this, the connectors and pipes should also be laid properly that is why the plumbing system should be handled by a professional. A reputable plumber surely knows how to properly lay the pipes and connectors that will prevent leaks.

If you have noticed any signs of leaks like a warped or stained wall in your home, a musty smell around a drain, an increase in your water bill, and poor water quality, please do not ignore them. Take time to address these signs, remember the warnings stated above, and prevent the leaks as soon as possible.

All it takes is one pipe to burst and flooding may happen that can damage your home. It is best to call a licensed and reputable plumber if you suspect you’re have leaking pipes.

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