A clear, blue pool, or having one, is the norm. Do you know why you need to clean your pool?

Pool cleaning and maintenance are largely preventative. What would happen if it wasn’t done? Let’s look at the main reasons for pool maintenance and what could happen if it isn’t done regularly.

Expensive repairs, blockages, and clogs

Saving money is one of the main reasons you should clean your pool. The cost of pool cleaning is well worth it, especially when compared to costly repairs. If a pool is neglected, debris can build up and block the filter or drain. If the drain is not maintained and fixed, it can cause damage to the motors. This is a common problem that can lead to costly repairs. Pool cleaning professionals and pool cleaners clean your pool walls and empty out the skimmer baskets. These cleaning techniques prevent residue buildup, giving your pool a new look and ensuring it is in good working order.

Your pool will turn green

If you don’t care enough about your pool, it can turn a greenish swampy appearance. Algae, microscopic organisms that thrive in bright sunlight and hot weather, can make pools look green. A green pool can be formed by high sunlight, muggy conditions, low levels of chlorine, and the buildup of carbon dioxide, phosphates, or nitrates.

Green pool cleaning means addressing the chemical imbalance in the water. This can be done quickly by professional pool cleaning services. To prevent the same problem from occurring again, ensure that you keep your pool clean and maintained. To prevent stagnant pools, your filter must always be working properly. This creates optimal conditions for organisms and algae to grow. Your chemicals and sanitation system may be the cause of a green pool. Ozone sanitation can reduce chlorine use by up to 90% but these systems still require chlorine and can take several days or even weeks to work. These systems may fail to work regularly, so it is worth upgrading or investing in pool cleaning services.

Slips and Falls Caused by Buildup

Inadequate maintenance can result in thick, oily deposits on the pool walls and surfaces. Even the most skilled swimmers can slip on slippery ladders or steps. To ensure the safety for your pool and its inhabitants, it is important to keep chemicals balanced as well as films and residue at bay.

A dirty pool can make you sick

A dirty pool can lead to recreational water illnesses (RWIs) if it is not maintained and maintained properly. These illnesses can include diarrhea, ear infections, and respiratory infections as well as rashes and/or inflamed eyes or lungs. Although this may sound alarming, a pool that is well-maintained will not cause any problems. Dan DeSimone from the Mayo Clinic, an infectious disease consultant, said that “as long as the pH level and chlorine levels are maintained, disinfectants will kill most germs that could cause you to become ill.” With the right amount of chlorine, almost all germs can be eradicated within one hour.

How do uncommon RWIs happen? Excess bacteria can build up in unclean pools. If you do not clean your pool, bacteria can build up and cause a swimmer’s ear. There is also a possibility of contracting the bacterium Pseudomonas-aeruginosa. Although this bacterium is most commonly found in unclean hot tubs it is also possible to find the bacteria in your pool. Itchy red bumps are the result of this bacterium buildup, also known as hot tub skin rash. These infections can be detected by visiting your doctor. You should not swim until your pool is cleaned.

How to Avoid a dirty, unsafe, and expensive pool

You now know the importance of pool maintenance. What can you do to ensure your pool is safe?

It is best to establish a relationship with a pool company that provides regular pool cleaning services. These are the services that you should do to maintain your pool clean.

Make sure to inspect your pool. You should inspect your pool for any bacteria buildup, unsanitary surfaces, or problems with the sanitation system. Inspectors inspect pools for hazards such as slippery walkways and gates that are not properly latching. They inspect the pool for cracks and, in the case of above-ground pools, tears or rips in vinyl pool liners.

Pool test strips are worth the investment. The pH of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.8. For everyday use, at-home pool testing strips are ideal. A pool cleaning service that you trust will ensure your water is at its best without worrying. Chlorinated water kills E.coli bacteria in 60 seconds.

When you aren’t using pool chemicals, keep them safe.

Deep-end pool drains must be visible and clear of obstructions.

Pay particular care to drain covers. These covers should be securely fastened, cleaned, and maintained. An unattached or missing drain cover can pose a danger to pool users and could lead to blocked drains that will require costly repairs.

It is essential to maintain your pool. Trusted pool cleaning services can keep your pools clean, safe, and in top working order.

Beach to Bay Dive Services started in early 2019 as a commercial dive service. Our team continues to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that each project will be performed correctly from conception to completion at a fair cost. Our reputation has been and continues to be our best advertisement. Recently, Beach to Bay Dive Services has transitioned to Beach to Bay Divers and Pools. Our experienced pool technicians provide a level of service and repairs that assure our pool customers have the same peace of mind as our dive service.

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