The type of roof you have says a lot about your building. A mansard roof reflects old-fashioned formality, while a flat roof suggests stoic utilitarianism. Whether you’re building a new building or looking to purchase an existing one, pay attention to the roof; not only what it says about your building but how to take care of it.

1. Flat Roof

You may not realize it, but a flat roof is not completely level. To allow precipitation to drain properly, roofs that are apparently flat have a gentle slope of 10 degrees or less. They are popular among businesses and in areas with an arid climate. However, replacement requires a roof gravel vacuum to clean up the existing roof before installing a new one.

2. Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is a type of gable roof designed to make maximum use of the space underneath. Each sloping roof section is divided into two parts, one that drops down steeply and one that is relatively flat. Gambrel roofs are associated with traditional homes and barns in the Netherlands. A mansard roof is a variation on a gambrel roof with four sides instead of two.

3. Lean-To Roof

A lean-to has no ridge on the roofline and consists of juxtaposing slopes. It gives a home a bold and modern look because of the asymmetry created by walls of different heights. It also allows for clerestory windows that let in a lot of light. A lean-to roof is related to a skillion roof.

4. Dormer Roof

A dormer roof provides a way to increase usable space in a lofted area. It accomplishes this with one or more windows extending out from the pitched roof’s plane.

5. Pyramid and Hip Roofs

Each of these roofs slopes downward on every side. However, while a pyramid roof comes to a point, a hip roof is flat on top.

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