Conservatory Cleaning Wigan has been helping the people of Wigan keep their properties looking great all year round. One of the core services that we provide is roof cleaning Wigan.

It’s important for homeowners to keep their roofs clean and free of debris, if not they may find that their gutters experience build ups of debris such as leaves and bird much or their roof becomes an unsightly mess.

But why is it so important to avoid overflows of debris?

Read Conservatory Cleaning Wigan’s latest blog post to find out.

Why Does Your Roof Need Cleaning?

Cleaning your roof may well not be a part of your cleaning routine or rituals but the reality is- it needs to be.

Houses with roofs that are partially in the shade are at huge risk of build ups of moss and algae, dirt has the ability to trap the moisture on your roof- which if left untreated will turn into decay.

Speak to your gutter cleaning Wigan specialists for help reducing these risk to your roof.

Overflowing Gutters and Drains

When roofs are left untreated, overflows in your gutters can occur. As drains become more and more blocked with debris such as leaves, animal waste etc. the chances of overflowing drastically increase.

The problem with overflows is that they can completely stop your drainage system from working and they also have the potential to damage your house’s structure through leaking.

Can You Clean Your Roof Yourself?

Cleaning your roof, yourself can be done. If you can safely access your roof, then using a mixture of both water and bleach- will remove dirt and build ups of algae and moss from your property’s roof.

Also, if you have access to pressure washers or jet washers, you can pressure wash your roof from down below. This will rid your roof of build ups of dirt and mess but if not done properly. It does have the potential to damage your roof.

Therefore, it is often best to leave this sort of cleaning to professionals such as your local gutter cleaning Wigan company- Conservatory Cleaning Wigan.

Health and Safety When Cleaning Roofs  

When it comes to any sort of work at heights, it is essential that you factor health and safety into everything you do.

Having the tools for the job i.e. ladders- is a must to make sure that you don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

If you do not feel as if you could safely clean your roof, speak to Conservatory Cleaning Wigan your roof cleaning Wigan company.

Our roof cleaning specialists are full trained and insured to work at heights for your piece of mind.

Speak to Your Local Roof Cleaning Wigan Company Today

Conservatory Cleaning Wigan is your local roof cleaning Wigan company. We can help you clean your roof and safely restore it to its former glory without putting you or your roof at risk.

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